Colle Capital Partners is a global, opportunistic, early stage technology venture fund. Managers have completed deals in various verticals and across all capital structures. We pay special attention to data. Virtually all our deals have intrinsic relationship with data as we believe that data will drive future growth for all our companies.

We prefer to step in early in the lifecycle of a company and help the team to achieve its goals by assisting with all critical tasks that young companies require. We invest in people. Our goal is to identify and back teams that not only demonstrate intellect and passion but are also agile in their thinking and execution.

Derivation of Our Name:

The Colle System is a sound, solid, chess opening strategy for white named after Edgard Colle, a Belgian chess master who played it regularly. The Colle System has been described as the easiest good opening system to learn for white. It allows white to develop pieces behind a wall of pawns before initiating action and avoids several black defenses. The system is not forcing and does not put the opposing player under a great amount of pressure, but has a deceptive sting that will surprise many opponents.

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